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Good Brothers Pharmacy strives to provide personalized and trusted service to the members of the Russel Neighborhood and Louisville,KY community. Transitioning health, wellness and pharmaceutical practices to a patient friendly experience built on communal interest and a vision of excellence. The skills and resources to become vessels of the community have been strengthen by our life long commitment to our organizations, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. and Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc.  That influence and inspiration has played an integral role in the development of our values and standard of care that we wish to provide for each and every member of our community.  



our core






To meet the pharmacy healthcare needs of individuals and families by providing high quality services to underserved and disadvantaged communities.


To improve healthcare outcomes through collaborative and patient centered community pharmacy services.

Our Team, Your Family

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DeShawn King

Founder | CEO
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Isaiah Jones

Co-Owner | COO
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Josh Middleton

Head Pharmacist | PIC

DeShawn King will serve as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the entrepreneurial initiative Good Brothers Pharmacy. DeShawn will provide daily leadership and strategic planning oversight to ensure the compliance and continuous operation of Good Brothers Pharmacy. DeShawn is currently completing his final year in college at Northern Kentucky University where he is receiving bachelor’s degree in Construction Management. DeShawn currently has his associate degree in construction technology.

Isaiah Jones will serve as the  Co-owner and Chief Operating Officer of the entrepreneurial initiative Good Brothers Pharmacy. Isaiah earned a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership with a minor in communications and concentrations in both Psychology and Biology. He also has held numerous executive board positions for community organizations that has allowed him to acquire professional and personal leadership, and life skills.

Joshua Middleton will serve as the PIC of Good Brothers Pharmacy. With over 6 years of pharmaceutical experience, Josh will be responsible for the everyday operations of the business. Growing up in Louisville KY, Josh has participated in numerous programs and community affairs geared towards shining a light on the beauties of the inner city. Josh earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in English at the University of Kentucky. Today, Josh is in his final year of school, aspiring to receive a Doctorate of Pharmacy degree at the James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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